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Tribal Tour in Orissa(Odisha)India

Odisha (Orissa)- The Virgin Beauty

Orissa, girdled by the Bay of Bengal is a lush green state with the best fusion of traditional Indian art depicted in its temples and an exceptional natural world that is loaded with immense splendour. 

Lush green mountains, with rich paddies and terraces dot this state everywhere. Orissa is a traditional dwelling place of several tribes who endorses its antiquity. The tribes continue to inhabit Orissa's remote areas in the deep forests and hilly interiors. Immersed in obscurity that revolves around ethnic lifestyle, the Orissan tribes continue to be a source of deep interest for numerous tourists, alongside anthropologists and sociologists. Tourists flock to Orissa to find the unusual charm of this comparatively unsung state. 

Major tribal sites in Orissa: 
Cradled in the untainted nature with endless expanse of captivating hills, meandering streams, cascading waterfalls, astonishing caves and verdant valleys, Orissa's tribal regions are feast to the eyes. Jeypore, Baliguda, Kothagargh, Rayagada, Chatikiona Ankadeli are few of the places which are worth seeing in Orissa. 

Activities around the jungles are main source of income for the Orissa's tribes. Hunting and fishing continue to be the main source of occupation of a large section of Orissa tribes, however some of the superior tribes such as Santhals, Mundas and Gonds have involved themselves in agriculture, harvesting and crop cultivation. 

The Juang, Bhuyan, Bondo, Saura, and Dhruba tribes follow the shifting cultivation practice. The Koya tribals are cattle breeders while the Mahali and Lohara are simple artisans involved in basket weaving and tool making. The Santal, Munda and other tribes have now also become involved in the mining and industrial belt of Orissa. 

The tribals of Orissa treasure a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Take an insight into their cultural activities, the most prevailing occasion of this being in their colourful and rhythmical music and dance. The changing seasons, religious customs and the traditional values are strong motivation for creating a series of festivals that enrich their life cycle . 

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