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Jarawa Tribes of Andaman & Nicobar

Jarawa is one of the tribal communities inhabiting in Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is believed that the ancestors of Jarawa tribes were part of the migrated people out of Africa. Jarawa tribes of Andaman still hunt pigs and monitor lizards with bows and arrows to make their livelihood. Jarawas also gather berries, seeds and honey from the forests. They mostly restrict themselves to their jungle dwellings but some of them have now started mingling with the people or nearby villages and towns.

The population of Jarawa tribes of Andaman is dwindling with the passage of time. Jarawas of Andaman islands are left with around 400 people in their community, at present. Most of the Jarawas died because of epidemic diseases like measles. Construction of roads inside their territory in forests became the greatest threat for their survival as many people started encroaching their lands. People from other parts of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have started inhabiting near to the areas where Jarawas live in their dwelling in the forests. Poaching of honey and other fruits like bananas the outsiders has also made a bad affect on their survival.

Jarawa tribes are inhabiting in South Andaman Islands and Western Coast of Middle Andaman Islands. Some of them still lead a nomadic life in forests. Most of them live in temporary huts built by woods and leaves found in the forests. Crude crafts are used by Jarawas to cross streams and creeks. Sometimes they also make attacks on intruders inside their territory.

These tribes speak Jarawa language but some of them who are getting in contact with other people have also picked up few Hindi words. As no prominent influence of any other languages of the region is seen in Jarawa language, it can be one of the reasons that these tribes remained secluded for a very long period.
NB: International Campaign Boycotts Andaman And Nicobar Islands Tourism To Protect Jarawa Tribe

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